Guidelines for tenants

How long apartment application is valid?

  • Apartment applications are valid for 3 months

How long is the average waiting time for apartments?

  • It is difficult to estimate a precise time for getting an apartment. The demand and supply vary in our different locations. Also the time of the year plays a role. Sometimes the apartment can be available immediately sometimes one needs to wait months. Thus the earlier you start looking the better chances you have

Based on which criteria does Realia offer rental apartments?

  • The applicant’s credit information needs to be clear and he/she needs to be able to pay the rent

I need a rental apartment only for a short time period e.g. during a renovation. Is this possible with Realia?

  • The owners of rental apartments mainly choose a tenant who can live in the apartment for a long time period. Nevertheless we also have apartments where shorter rental periods are possible

How much is the rent collateral for apartments leased through Realia?

  • Usually the collateral is 1 or 2 times one month’s rent, depending on the apartment and the owner of the apartment

My lease agreement is terminated. How long does it take to receive my rent deposit back?

  • The deposit is given back within a reasonable time (approximately within 30 days from the day the agreement was terminated) if there is no need to recoup the deposit

How do I forward my term of notice, is a notice via email enough?

  • The termination of a lease agreement must be given to the lessor in writing. Email notice is not enough by itself, since a signature is needed for terminations. Scanned version of the signed term of notice is accepted

It is stated in the rent announcement that the first possible termination date for the lease agreement is 12 months from the starting date. What does this mean?

  • It means that you need to make a commitment to live in the apartment for at least one year i.e. you can give the term of notice after 12 months from the date the agreement started. Nonetheless if it is necessary for you to terminate the agreement sooner, this is then a breach of contract and you are forced to pay 2 months’ rent for the lessor

What is notice period and how is it calculated?

  • The notice period starts at the end of the month during which the notice has been given unless otherwise agreed

For a lessor, the notice period is six months with lease agreements that have lasted continuously for a year and in other cases three months. For a tenant, the notice period is one month.