Apartment leasing

Do you own or are you acquiring an investment property? Are you moving to another city or abroad and want to temporarily lease your own apartment? We provide comprehensive apartment leasing services in order for you to find a reliable and a long-term tenant quickly.

Our leasing services include

Preliminary arrangements

  • We familiarize ourselves with the information of the property and confirm the leasing right of the principal
  • We evaluate the right rental level for the area and negotiate the terms and conditions of the commission agreement
  • We will photograph the apartment for the leasing announcement
  • We request the necessary information of the apartment from the property manager
  • We will draw up the leasing announcement and publish it with necessary information and pictures in the following portals:
  • We will handle the marketing of the property  for  prospective tenants
  • We will organize viewings for the applicants
  • As an expert we will suggest property improvements  to lease the property faster or with a better price

Practical matters with the tenant

  • We will negotiate and assist both you and your tenant in determining the terms and conditions of the lease agreement
  • We will check the background and credit information of the tenants
  • We will draw up the lease agreement and attachments
  • We will take care of rent collateral arrangements
  • We will organize the exchange of keys and other practical matters

In addition

  • We will be in contact with the principal about the different stages of the leasing process


Our commission is 1.24 month's rent (incl. 24% VAT),  which is 100% tax deductible.

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