We find you the best investment property to match your needs

Are you looking for a good investment property but you do not have time for all practical matters or apartment viewings? Or you are not sure what kind of investment property you should go for? Finding the right investment property takes time and effort.

The easiest way to work around the lack of time is a purchase order. We can help you to place a purchase order to expert real estate agents of Huoneistokeskus and Huom!

What to evaluate when searching for a good investment property?

  • Acquisition price
  • Rent level
  • The lucrativeness of the property
  • The need of renovations in the property
  • Condition, maintenance needs and upcoming renovations of the real estate
  • Future price development in the area

Benefits of the purchase order

  • Safe and easy method of purchasing property
  • With the purchase order you will reach totally new markets: purchase order will attract prospective sellers, not yet in the market
  • You can make the purchase decision with no rush or pressure. There are no competitors or auctions
  • You will gain access to Huoneistokeskus and Huom! Huoneistomarkkinointi newest apartments before others. If you select one of these apartments, the seller will pay the commission and there will be no costs associated to you
  • You do not have to waste time in viewings. The real estate agent will actively search an apartment for you based on your criteria
  • The purchase order is not binding; you can also buy from somewhere else.
  • You will only pay if the transaction is completed

Contact Huoneistokeskus and Huom! for further details.

Financing an investment property

You have the possibility to negotiate a mortgage from our partner Nordea. Besides the to be purchased property, you can use other properties, even your summer cottage as collateral.  There are situations where, you do not need to invest any cash.

Generally the value of your own property rises over time. Even though a part of the previous mortgage would still be unpaid, there is free collateral left of your own property. This part you can use against the new mortgage.

Purchased by a professional, correctly chosen property provides a competitive return on investment at a reasonable risk level. In addition to rental income also an increase in property value can be expected. Properties are usually profitable investments; they hold value in long-term and in growth centers their value increase is faster than inflation.